Why I can’t access IP & How to configure router

Why I can’t access IP & How to configure router: Sometimes there arise problems when you can’t get access to, therefore, to access the internet protocol address easily we are here to help and will also inform you about how to configure your router when yo do not get access to the internet protocol address.

Can not access router ip

1. Ensure that your router’s WAN port, as well as LAN port, are associated with links, and check whether your net card is associated with routers port 1,2,3,4, in like manner.

2. Now make sure that the LED of your Wifi router lights up after you switch on the wifi router

3. After associating the links, control on your PC, then we have to confirm if your IP is arranged legitimately. Initially, hit the “Begin” menu and after that “Run” menu, sort ‘CMD’, hit ‘alright’, then sort “IP config” in the order interface. Check if the concerned internet protocol of nearby association is 192.168.1.x (x can be between 2-254), default entryway, subnet cover In the event, if they match exactly with what I have mentioned, there’s no issue.


4. However, in case they do not match with the ones mentioned above, you must recheck and arrange your PC’s IP. The means are: correct snap Network Neighborhood, pick Properties, discover the ‘TCP/IP’ line and double tap to change your Internet protocol, keep DNS to ‘acquire naturally.’ (If your framework is VISTA or WIN7, select the line with ‘IPV4‘)

How to configure router for IP

5. After you are in the router design page, then you can navigate specifically to the ‘System arrangement’, and then towards ‘WAN port settings’ (my switch demonstrates the mentioned names. However, popular brands of switches show the same names), then after that sort of your record and confidential password which you might have got from frame link supplier, in the event that they are wrong, call the client benefit.

6. In case your PC still fizzled associating with the web, you can reestablish the old configuration of your wifi router with taking after strides:

Locate the little gap beside the router’s energy string attachment, discover a needle or a similar sharp object, control of the switch, embed the sharp object or adhere to the opening and keep adhered to it, then switch on your wifi router, following three seconds, then let go. Next is to log in the router and reconfigure the settings. Additionally, you have to check whether your PC’s IP is in a similar system section with your router.

7. Once you have reestablished your Wifi router to its default settings, attempt to open, it ought to open easily now.

8. If it does not open still, attempt these means: hit ‘begin – run – cmd,’ and sort ‘ping’ to figure out if your system card is functioning easily. If there seems to be no issue with your system card, supplant your router, yet you would be advised to acquire a PC to reassure if the wifi router is functioning effectively.

How to buy iPhone ringtones on iTunes?

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How to buy iPhone ringtones on iTunes: Everyone likes to customize their smartphones in a unique and attractive manner. Though Smartphones can be customized in a variety of ways, one of the most common methods could be changing your ringtone; however, there are a lot of options available too. If you love to change your iPhone ringtone every once in a while, then you must be knowing how difficult it is to find a good tone. Hence, we have shared a complete procedure for how you can download ringtones from the official iTunes store.

iphone ringtones

How to buy iPhone ringtones on iTunes:

1. First of all, since we are buying ringtones from iTunes, just launch the iTunes app on your iPhone.

2. Next, on the bottom right corner of your iPhone’s screen, you should be able to a more option represented by three dots. Just tap on it.

3. Here, you should certainly see a variety of options available to proceed further, however, since we are buying and downloading ringtones on iPhone, continue to the tones section.

4. Finally, you shall be taken to the tones section of the iTunes store. If you noticed it thoroughly and you have bought music prior from iTunes, you will see that the tones section is very much in the music section.

Under tones section, ringtones are sorted in a variety of categories like:

  • Featured ringtones: Featured ringtones are those ringtones which have been listed particularly on the iTunes store. You just need to swipe on the upper section of your screen to go to featured ringtones.
  • Charts: Ringtones under this category are the most popular one. These ringtones are furthermore sorted out in subcategories. So, you can check out the most popular ringtones by tapping on the chart button present at the top of your iPhone’s screen.
  • Genres: This category of ringtones does not require any special description as we all are familiar with genre specific ringtones. Ringtones under various genres can be accessed by tapping the genre button on the top-right corner of your screen.

Once you have chosen your desired ringtone, you can proceed with the required actions and download your preferred ringtone.