BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone and Android users

BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone and Android users: In a bid to boost its popularity, BlackBerry is set to launch its popular BBM messaging service on the iPhone and Android handsets as a free download for the first time. According to a Tweet from T-Mobile UK, the BBM messaging software will arrive on iOS and Android on June 27.

BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone and Android usersA photo of Galaxy S3 running BBM software was also shared to the public as a tease.

BBM for iOS will reportedly run on iOS 6 and will include features such as voice note sharing, multi-person chats, and BlackBerry Groups.

Currently, it is unclear whether the BBM messenger app would be a skimmed-down version of BlackBerry Messenger or full blown app. But we are sure it would be released with limited functionality and would not rock up all the features as available with BlackBerry smartphones. Some premium features would definitely be reserved for BlackBerry device users only.

It is even not clear whether the company will make the service available for free on iOS and Android platforms, or if there will be a download/subscription charge. Most of the tech-pundits believe the firm charging a recurring fee to non-RIM platform users of the BlackBerry Messenger for premium features.

Per official data by RIM, its BBM software is being used by 60 million users every month and more than 10 billion messages are sent or received each day. So there is a greater market demand for this popular chat software. However, BlackBerry will face a stiff competition from Google’s Google Talk and Apple’s iMessage including WhatsApp and Snapchat which are hugely popular.

While BBM software launching on the Apple App Store is not inconceivable, this rumor is pretty imperfect. Everyone would love to see BBM for iPhone arrive this month but would T-Mobile really burst out all that detail in public? We’re doubtful.

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