Don’t Update iPhone 4S to iOS 6.1, Vodafone UK and 3 Austria Warn Customers

Apple recently released iOS 6.1 to improve LTE support, fix bugs and adding few features to Apple’s voice recognition software Siri. But iOS 6.1 seems to be having issues with connecting to the internet, and making and receiving calls on the iPhone 4S. iPhone users who updated their device to iOS 6.1 (build 10B144, baseband 3.04.06) are complaining of faster battery drain, 3G and syncing issues, significant increase in dropped calls and lost data connections.

iOS 6.1 connection issue

Some of them are even unable to connect their iPhone 4S handset to iTunes at all.

Two mobile operators in Europe Vodafone UK and 3 Austria are now advising their customers not to upgrade to the latest iOS 6.1 update till Apple releases a permanent fix for 3G connectivity issues. Vodafone UK flagged up the issue in a forum post late on Friday, and 3 Austria made a similar request, on Facebook page. The posting, however, says that the issue only affects iPhone 4S handsets and claims that Apple is investigating the problem.

“We’re aware of an issue caused by Apple iPhone 4S handsets that have been upgraded to iOS 6.1 which impacts performance on 3G. Some customers may occasionally experience difficulty in connecting to the network to make or receive calls or texts or to connect to the internet.

“Apple is working on a solution to their software issue. These connection problems are intermittent. While Apple’s investigations continue, we would recommend that anyone who has not yet installed iOS 6.1 on their iPhone 4S should delay doing so until Apple has confirmed that the problem has been fixed.”

Apple has yet to address or confirm any of the highlighted issues, but expect the company to drop iOS 6.1.1 incremental update very soon. Apple had already begun the process of seeding iOS 6.1.1 to developers for beta testing. The update is supposed to remedy the issues users have complained about since upgrading to iOS 6.1.

If you’re one of the few who installed iOS 6.1, share in the comments to let us know how it fares.

Source: Forbes

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