5 things that Android perform better than iOS

The web is crowded with articles on Android vs iOS and that why is one better than the other. Surely, iOS and Android do have a lot of differences, be it with the user experience, navigation through the operating system or the design. iOS and Android do have differences which set them apart from each other.

Android vs iOS – Top 5 features that we think android performs better than the iOS –

Android vs iOS

1. Storage

Android smartphone genuinely triumph over in this department due to the presence of SD card slots in the android smartphones. You can exceed the total memory of the phone provided the type and storage of memory card you have. Nowadays Android phones also support the external USB thumb drive and several apps are available to support the same.

On the other hand, iOS devices come with fixed inbuilt internal memory by default that cannot ever be upgraded.

2. Dual SIM

Most of the android smartphone supports Dual SIM cards at the same time. This feature provides you the ability to handle dual data networks from a single device. iOS devices don’t support dual SIM feature at all.

While dual networks are so popular in the United States, but in other parts of the world, they are surely a cheaper way to go keeping in mind the rising prices of the carriers and the roaming charges. Dual SIM also helps to keep two separate phone numbers for Business as well as personal purposes.

Like Android has Dual SIM feature, it also has the ability to create dual accounts of various social media apps like Whatsapp, Facebook with third party apps like Parallel Space due to its Open Source platform.

3. Default Apps

On android, you can decide which apps to choose as defaults to open certain links such as Chrome or Firefox. On iOS, you can’t set default apps for certain things.

Android gives the freedom to select the default apps for certain links or music files just like a PC. If I want .mp3 files to be always opened with VLC media player, you can select VLC media player as default for them. On iOS, you can’t do this.

4. Single Sign-In

Google’s one-time sign-in provides access to all the google apps all at once but in apple devices, you have to separately sign-in to every app that you need to use.

For example, in an android device, you’ll need to input your google account only once and that too when you bought a new phone and you’re good to go. All your apps will be automatically logged in and you don’t have to fill in any credentials again thereafter. On iOS, you have a similar feature named iCloud but that too don’t allow us to remain logged into the apps that we need to use.

5. Notifications

iOS do preview notifications really well but they cannot beat android in that feature. Android notifications stack up really well and beautifully in the notifications bar. They are functional and displays more of the content of a single app. Apple devices also show up notifications nicely but only android devices offer persistent notifications.

Most importantly, persistent notifications allow an app to keep working as if it were on your screen even when you open another app. Receiving a notification lets you know an application is performing in the background.

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