Best TV Series to Watch on Netflix [All Time]

Best TV Series to Watch on Netflix: If you are into making the pause on your movie nights and to start watching something that you will be able to enjoy with the big storyline and amazing characters it is always better to choose Best Netflix Series ever. We have compiled a list of most popular series that you will be able to find on your favorite movie streaming website.

Series are an important part of our culture because TV was the main source of watching anything at all. However, today we found the way to make online series that gives us the possibility to watch episodes one by one, until we are enough, without annoying commercials and with the possibility to pause it anytime you want. We present you best tv shows on Netflix of all time.

As of now, there so many free movie websites are online which may help you to watch no only favorite tv shows but also your favorite movies as well. Although you can’t download these movies from film streaming services. Netflix allows you to download tv shows and even movies on your mobile and pc.

best netflix series ever

Best Netflix Series of all time

1. Scrubs

We have all heard about Scrubs and its amazingness, but we first started to watch it through television. However, today you will be able to stream your favorite episodes without any limit whatsoever, so if you want to engage into TV series marathon, this is the perfect show for you. It is not just an ER TV show like many dramas before such as Gray’s Anatomy and ER; it is a spoof of that genre with more focus on characters and not the problematic with patients. The plot will give you another perspective of people who work one of the most stressful jobs in the world, and how to cope with illness, diseases and broken bodies, but with comedy lines and different approach.

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2. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Even though, the title is something that will make us wonder is it worthy to give an hour in order to watch the pilot, because it looks similar to teen dramas and movies that are considered more like a chick flicks. However, that is just an illusion because this particular movie will give you something different. It is more than a teenager story, it is series that analyzes the depth of mental illness and it contains many dramatically effects that will make you wonder why didn’t you watch it before. With the great main cast, Rachel Bloom made a great appearance.

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This particular series is something different if you compare it to other series available on Netflix. With sunny cinematography and great scenes, you will be in front of your TV or monitor as long as it lasts. It tells a story about kidnapped teenager that is forced to live in a doomsday cult in the bunker, and after she is rescued, the most difficult part of life begins how to rebuild everything that was damaged. What you will see is the mixture of determination and strength in her character and there are many important supporting characters that will make you want to watch it over and over again.  It is a great choice for you weekend marathon.

4. Flaked

This is one of the best series on Netflix streaming service that will give you another perspective on any buzz like series that was made by Netflix. It is developed by Will Arnet and it follows self-help guru who wants to help his friends and neighbors to cope with reality. However, he is not the angels because he goes to AA meetings, but he is still drinking, which makes him vulnerable. There are numerous storylines that you will enjoy such as romance and comedy that is mixed up together in great series that you will be able to watch it one day without a problem.

5. Parks and Recreation

This is the new series that will give you something different during your watching period. The story follows public servant and his optimism where he undoubtedly believes to life itself and government, however, his naïve moments will make you wonder where you been like him before. Everything that this character does is filled with passion and even though the reality shows us a different point of view, he doesn’t want to accept every conspiracy; he decides to believe media and everything that is served to him. If you have seen the House of Cards this series will show you a different point of view.

6. 30 Rock

This particular sketch like the show is a great way to relax your brain and to enjoy everything that happens with characters and plot. It was created by Carlock and Fey and it is a great sitcom with amazing jokes and great characters that are played by actors that changed the way people think about weirdoes that are filled with wisdom, which paradox but it functions.


It is important to say that we have considered many different shows that are available on Netflix and after many hours of analyzing we compiled the list of best Netflix series ever that you will be able to watch all day long in HD resolution without strings attached. So if you don’t know what to watch next, check any series from this list and you won’t regret the second.

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