Alleged iPhone 5S Ringer Speaker Dock Connector Part Surface

Hong Kong-based components supplier SW-Box has posted photo of ‘Ringer Speaker Dock Connector Module For iPhone 5S’ which they have allegedly received from Apple’s part suppliers. The supplier is selling the part for USD 7.71.

apple_campus_flagTo the casual observer, the part looks identical, but there is a noticeable shift from current iPhone parts, which make us believe that Apple is reconfiguring the internal design of the iPhone. Although the various potential parts leaked till date doesn’t draw a clear picture on how the iPhone 5S will look like, but it does seem to point towards a new design (at least internally).

Comparison between iPhone 5S part and iPhone 5 Part

Comparison between iPhone 5S part and iPhone 5 Part

Rumors have suggested the new device will feature a redesigned interior plus Fingerprint sensor for added security that will be a significant departure from the current iPhone 5. In addition, Apple is expected to introduce the cheaper iPhone 6 for emerging markets such as China.

That said, it’s all just speculation until Apple’s CEO gets up on stage to launch the next generation smartphone and other rumored products.

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