ShowBox App Download for Android, iOS and PC

Showbox App Download for Android, iOS, and PC: How do pass your time when you are traveling alone or you are getting bored sitting at your place doing nothing. Well, the first thing in a such a terrible situation hits my mind is watching a movie. But it is not always possible to go to some PVR or to a theater, and even your television can’t help us at that situation because it does not show movies as per our choice, then what would you do?

ShowBox App Download

Today, I am writing this article to pull you out of your boredom created by the spare of time, I’m going to tell you about a very famous app that allows you to stream movies online from your smartphones or PC that too in high definition. All you need to have is an internet connection and smartphone, PC or laptop and you don’t need to search for movies on different sites anymore as Showbox has over more than 10,000 movies in it.

Showbox App Download:

Showbox is a very popular online movie streaming app that allows you to watch unlimited movies online that too free of cost that means you are not going to pay even a single buck for watching tv shows online, Showbox has got a huge library with a vast collection of old, latest,  action,  animated, funny movies along with that Showbox app is very easy to use and has got a lot of amazing features, let us have a look on the features of Showbox App:

Features of Showbox app:

  • Showbox app provides you with the best services and allows you to stream unlimited movies anywhere on this planet.
  • Showbox not only allows you to watch movies but also you can stream for your favorite TV series like game of thrones, the war of Thrones etc. That too in high definition.
  • It is very simple, safe and legit to download and install and the user interface of Showbox App is really good.
  • Showbox categories movies and videos for you as per your previous search and also allocate latest movies in your home page so that you won’t find difficulty while searching movies.
  • It allows you to stream movies anytime anywhere without any buffering, it manages to maintain the quality of the video even when there is the low network.

So these are the main features of Showbox app that make it different from any other movie streaming app around the world. Now, after a brief introduction to Showbox App, let me tell you the downloading and the installing procedure of Showbox App in your iPhone’s, android phones and PC or laptops.

How to Download and Install Showbox app:

Well, downloading Showbox App in your respective devices is pretty simple as you have to do nothing just follow the following steps and you can get this app on your device.

  • This app is available in the Apple store as well as google store so you can directly install this app by downloading it from there. Or you can follow the next step to download an apk version of Showbox App.
  • PC users first download bluestack or any other emulator from the internet first and then follow the following steps.
  • The first and foremost step is to take out your phones and then open up a browser, let say Google Chrome as it is the most trusted browser among any other browser and IOS users can open safari browser on their IOS device.
  • Then on the search bar located at the top of your home page type ‘download Showbox apk‘ out there.
  • You will be directed to the page from where you can get this Showbox App for PC. Then click or tap on ‘download’, and wait for the file to get downloaded.
  • Now go to settings of your phone and turn on the unknown source option as this allows your device to install apps from the unknown source or I can apk version of these files.
  • Now tap on the file that you have downloaded and then tap on install to install this file on your device.
  • You can login into Showbox using facebook or you can register a new account and you are done.

So that’s how you can download Showbox App on your Android,ios, and PC by simply following the steps and enjoy watching online movies that too free of cost.

Top 5 TV Shows to Watch Online in 2017

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Watching your favorite tv shows that too without downloading it or asking a friend about any of your listed series has become easy as you can watch them online free of cost.

TV Shows to Watch Online

There is some leading and high ranked show which are getting globalized. Demanding shows generally are not available on all the sites and to make your work less tedious, this article helps you to view your trending series and discuss that with your friends. You can watch tv shows online free full episodes on Netflix. It will show tv shows online in hd. Netflix will also show subtitles of all the full episodes. You can also watch these tv shows episodes for free without any signup on some sites. 

Top 5 TV Shows to Watch Online in 2017


The full series that too free of cost is available on Netflix. Just turn the channel your system and start it. It has an amazing plot which let viewers stick to it. It is considered to marvel 5th show on Netflix and rated the best one till now. In this story, Charlie cox has been shown as a day lawyer and daredevil at night who saves her neighbor from supernatural storms and fights authentically. marvel has caste his favorite villain as well in this show D’Onofrio’s Kingpin.


Lately taboo has created hype among all age groups. It depicts the story of a dead body who rise up from the grave and directly lands in London. Watching this is a thrilling experience, it follows series of murder betrayals and conspiracies. Isn’t this sounds interesting? Hold your interest until you watch the whole series, which is available on Netflix.


For those of you who are the fan of justice and laws, this show has been specially created for is political where in, a recently hired young papacy who is dangerous. And tortures the people. so to watch the rest of it connect to Netflix.


This show is getting popular each day as it aims at feminism, this show will in some time be available in hard copy as well, for those of you who like reading can read the story lines. It tells how girls adapt their habitat (gone girl or wild). It has an amazing pickup line i.e how women triumphs. must watch the full series on Netflix.

5. ROOM 104:

So if you are a duplass fan, don’t miss out its series on Netflix. It is lately an amazing comic drama. this dramedy is set inside the hotel room, 104 room might entertain your evenings by performing heart touching mysteries.

So above listed are the top 5 shows which have been searched and then wrote upon. These are most liked shows by the mob and highly rated as well.

I hope after reading this article, you got the appropriate answers to your doubtful questions, so basically you can download them to your phone as well as PC’s but also can be seen online. Not only this, these shows are currently being streamed on Netflix so you can watch there as well. If you live in UK then you can watch tv shows online free in UK. 

Like this article and comment your favorite show.