Why I can’t access IP & How to configure router

Why I can’t access IP & How to configure router: Sometimes there arise problems when you can’t get access to, therefore, to access the internet protocol address easily we are here to help and will also inform you about how to configure your router when yo do not get access to the internet protocol address.

Can not access router ip

1. Ensure that your router’s WAN port, as well as LAN port, are associated with links, and check whether your net card is associated with routers port 1,2,3,4, in like manner.

2. Now make sure that the LED of your Wifi router lights up after you switch on the wifi router

3. After associating the links, control on your PC, then we have to confirm if your IP is arranged legitimately. Initially, hit the “Begin” menu and after that “Run” menu, sort ‘CMD’, hit ‘alright’, then sort “IP config” in the order interface. Check if the concerned internet protocol of nearby association is 192.168.1.x (x can be between 2-254), default entryway, subnet cover In the event, if they match exactly with what I have mentioned, there’s no issue.


4. However, in case they do not match with the ones mentioned above, you must recheck and arrange your PC’s IP. The means are: correct snap Network Neighborhood, pick Properties, discover the ‘TCP/IP’ line and double tap to change your Internet protocol, keep DNS to ‘acquire naturally.’ (If your framework is VISTA or WIN7, select the line with ‘IPV4‘)

How to configure router for IP

5. After you are in the router design page, then you can navigate specifically to the ‘System arrangement’, and then towards ‘WAN port settings’ (my switch demonstrates the mentioned names. However, popular brands of switches show the same names), then after that sort of your record and confidential password which you might have got from frame link supplier, in the event that they are wrong, call the client benefit.

6. In case your PC still fizzled associating with the web, you can reestablish the old configuration of your wifi router with taking after strides:

Locate the little gap beside the router’s energy string attachment, discover a needle or a similar sharp object, control of the switch, embed the sharp object or adhere to the opening and keep adhered to it, then switch on your wifi router, following three seconds, then let go. Next is to log in the router and reconfigure the settings. Additionally, you have to check whether your PC’s IP is in a similar system section with your router.

7. Once you have reestablished your Wifi router to its default settings, attempt to open, it ought to open easily now.

8. If it does not open still, attempt these means: hit ‘begin – run – cmd,’ and sort ‘ping’ to figure out if your system card is functioning easily. If there seems to be no issue with your system card, supplant your router, yet you would be advised to acquire a PC to reassure if the wifi router is functioning effectively.

5 things that Android perform better than iOS

The web is crowded with articles on Android vs iOS and that why is one better than the other. Surely, iOS and Android do have a lot of differences, be it with the user experience, navigation through the operating system or the design. iOS and Android do have differences which set them apart from each other.

Android vs iOS – Top 5 features that we think android performs better than the iOS –

Android vs iOS

1. Storage

Android smartphone genuinely triumph over in this department due to the presence of SD card slots in the android smartphones. You can exceed the total memory of the phone provided the type and storage of memory card you have. Nowadays Android phones also support the external USB thumb drive and several apps are available to support the same.

On the other hand, iOS devices come with fixed inbuilt internal memory by default that cannot ever be upgraded.

2. Dual SIM

Most of the android smartphone supports Dual SIM cards at the same time. This feature provides you the ability to handle dual data networks from a single device. iOS devices don’t support dual SIM feature at all.

While dual networks are so popular in the United States, but in other parts of the world, they are surely a cheaper way to go keeping in mind the rising prices of the carriers and the roaming charges. Dual SIM also helps to keep two separate phone numbers for Business as well as personal purposes.

Like Android has Dual SIM feature, it also has the ability to create dual accounts of various social media apps like Whatsapp, Facebook with third party apps like Parallel Space due to its Open Source platform.

3. Default Apps

On android, you can decide which apps to choose as defaults to open certain links such as Chrome or Firefox. On iOS, you can’t set default apps for certain things.

Android gives the freedom to select the default apps for certain links or music files just like a PC. If I want .mp3 files to be always opened with VLC media player, you can select VLC media player as default for them. On iOS, you can’t do this.

4. Single Sign-In

Google’s one-time sign-in provides access to all the google apps all at once but in apple devices, you have to separately sign-in to every app that you need to use.

For example, in an android device, you’ll need to input your google account only once and that too when you bought a new phone and you’re good to go. All your apps will be automatically logged in and you don’t have to fill in any credentials again thereafter. On iOS, you have a similar feature named iCloud but that too don’t allow us to remain logged into the apps that we need to use.

5. Notifications

iOS do preview notifications really well but they cannot beat android in that feature. Android notifications stack up really well and beautifully in the notifications bar. They are functional and displays more of the content of a single app. Apple devices also show up notifications nicely but only android devices offer persistent notifications.

Most importantly, persistent notifications allow an app to keep working as if it were on your screen even when you open another app. Receiving a notification lets you know an application is performing in the background.